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With an unmissable omakase menu, every visit to Soju by Sumo offers something different. Served by our kitchen and bar but set apart from our public seating, this private dining room offers a memorable experience for any party.

Enhance the occasion with one of our specially crafted cocktails from the bar; choosing from classic western or Asian-inspired drinks. Be sure to try the popular Shojo cocktail, which combines chilli-infused gin, lemon juice and coconut milk.


Embrace the traditional Japanese dining experience of Omakase, where the meal is a sublime symphony, an intimate concert played by our master sushi chefs.

Omakase, literally translating to “I leave it up to you,” is more than just dining; it’s an act of trust, a voyage of surprise and delight. You put your evening in the skilled hands of our sushi masters.


To ensure an unforgettable experience, private diners at Soju by Sumo are served with a specially curated omakase menu by the head chef; which is discussed in advance to ensure its suitability for your party.

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